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I practiced being the girl

with the hair

in the convertible,

cavalcade of double wide expectations

love like Heavy Whipping Cream

arch and adjust, pose to a perception


just a Nomi Malone wanting

full tits pursing silk

mixed metals, a pack rat, a putana

yes, our repossessed patriot

a hat tip to the unchoosing orphans


I would pay for a brick to the

hindsight bias, only I do not respect money

or work

but an embrace which is correct

I’ll consider it a party favor


Be careful I will a man named Cowboy

You might go blind if you stare into the sun

How fruitful I could be

Carson Jordan is once stripper, always poet, and Pisces rising. She wants her work to be read by and accessible to the sluts, weirdos, and working class. Enjoy.

Instagram: @cahhhhson Twitter: @carsobthecowgal

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