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cassidy stock


I, Carousing,

creep between bodies to

bend downward slightly to shake hands and get et, flighty kinda, tighter i consider a boisterous scrimmage to vye for unsanctimony over ol grandad, three oz a christian bros on ice n a

glen of Livet. 

Terry staved a thin knife into the table, flung a crumpled flock of napkins like fettered birch duff n he cackles as one self yearning and yearned and, and old and old anyway, Andy’s shriveled hand drops in a dollar pop n threw up a tune about debauchery so everybody goes in for a

laugh har har While Two good buddies at the bar grasp pints ginned merry-eyed up adjourn to the small pleasures of state-wide gambling scribbling knuckle red and airily deep.





Cassidy Stock is an artist out of west Michigan & a 2008 graduate of SAIC. 


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