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erick sáenz

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after Rosa Alcalá


Recuerdos, como costras.

Me siento en mi coche

y lloro, las palabras 

son conocidas pero no.

Estas marcas no sanan:

canciones para tí, canciones 

para nosotros. 

Erick Sáenz is a writer from Los Angeles, Currently living in San Francisco. In addition to self-publishing several chapbooks // zines // pamphlets in the tradition of DIY, he is the author of two collections of poetry and one collection of fiction. When not writing he can be found watching baseball, listening to loud music, and hanging out with his partner + two cats in their rent controlled apartment in the Inner Sunset. 

Instagram: @asteriskformemory

On dirty fingernails



[whose hands are these]


between color or grass, underfoot 

blanket     beer      evening  


the sound of everything, 



[fondest memory]


a backyard or childhood home, sanctuary 

bloom    bury    repeat 


this green thumb, 


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