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liana mack



I get rich but it’s never enough
I construct a swimming pool
I make my sewage opulent
I weave a grotto
Cud bleach stucco
Plaster stalactite
Cream like a vein
Pearl inner tubes
Rubber doves
Fake flowing water
Gelatin waves
Blue like the rug
On a passenger plane
Water so fake
I turn blue when I bathe


spread myself a thick layer of batter
chalk salt avenue margarine
most exquisite organ
blossomed on layers of layers on asphalt

have you ever watched them pour a parking lot
like dirty molasses
have you ever watched me spread myself
on fantasy, prone,
char frostbit and numb
making wings


I was brave to be a bride
Erase myself from the 21st century

Peal open rapture balloons
Burst with 40,000 doves

Ornamental heirloom china
Something special for special occasions

Freshen holidays
Gentle terrorist activity

Chew gasoline in a yellow sedan
Cool tulips, a cleat of meat

Pull kitten tenders on the throat of my cello
Beg the most ornamental scream


Liana Mack is a writer born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Liana was awarded residencies from the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, the Edith Wharton-Straw Dog Writers Guild in the Berkshires, and GilsfjordurArts in Iceland. She loves pink lightbulbs.

Instagram: @lianaswann

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