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I need to walk away from the tensile earth

I jump thru the hoops

I adore these accolades

The water decides

Everything, everything

In tribute to the death of the large

Damned body


In deep salvation

The geese amble

Thru Humboldt Park

Their wax

Bodies like hearts


In their shit


Yesterday I felt sick

With jealousy

So full of self-


Today I feel winsome & walk

Miles & miles

& everything I feel is true

Everything I feel is true

God  Concept


the god  inside 

me would be

other people

the Envy

they stoke





              for months my dreams were tattooed

tinted green

              and through the city I lived in

I ran

              sleek as a greyhound



on the other side of the world

it was you

racing in the night

you inserted yourself

into me, and for me

your cock became a metonym

for your “self ”


why does it feel

like people think I’m praying for show

when I’m not praying at all


the amber column of a lord

                  like the swatted carapace of a bee nest

loomed over our tangle of sweat

                  another hot day, it had been

over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit

and once more

                  you had had me

Margaret Saigh is a writer from Chicago, currently getting her MFA in poetry from the University of Pittsburgh. Her poems can be found in Dirt Child and glitterMOB, among others, and are forthcoming in Columbia Journal. Her first chapbook CROSSED IN THE DARKER LIGHT OF TERROR will be published in the summer of 2021 by dancing girl press.

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