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rachel rabbit white

we’ve still not begun

I put away my spell today

and level with myself

when has one not killed

what it is they love

by virtue

of loving it

I know I said here lies

the disillusioned

the disintoxicated

those who’d hoped:

never again

after midnight in the grocery store

with a sudden longing

for each fluorescent aisle

in flow from sleep to day

following where the path

has been laid

each man kills the thing he loves

I could cry

but when I contemplate you

as you contemplate me

it’s like hypnosis

in that I use only positives

to hear only yes

my body, the body

of a lake

uncry for me

what does it look like to be there

what does it feel like

I want to feel how you feel

not know how you feel

how many have begged

I write the word to call upon it


turning it over in my mouth

sex about sex

or god not about god

but sex

returning to air

to mouth

to same

I repeat its name


together we build a bed

greater than all of the beds in all the cities

I ask the universe, airdrop it to me

I know love is a construct

I know body is a construct

but you can’t tell me

so please now tell me:

when have I not

killed my loving

like how I think I am the fucking ocean

wanting to give endless resonance

using my song to amplify yours

No doubt, I rise and fall

I rise I fall and rise and fall

rachel rabbit white//@rachelrabbitwhite

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