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riley mac

the drugs don't love me like you do


you taste my throat and avert your eyes to my chest where i have
elliot smith’s stab wounds tattooed in fluorescent yellow and they scatter like roaches when you
look at them

but the hesitation marks are a wonder
the mystery of self infliction a wonder
the ecstasy of half life a wonder

it’s all chalked up to
the cardamom warm how it feels with the hot batch shishito pepper
you made a small incision inside it spits on
mummified kitty litter sneeze
grinds the teeth with the nose
mucus swallows gasoline
dog frito paw my dandy licks bloody clean
gatorade bile on the dashboard

i don’t believe in life beyond
but when i dream my nini makes my bed
licks her finger
wipes the powder from my nose speechless says
vicks will make it better my treasure


Riley Mac is a poet and bartender/poetry night host at the dyke bar Ginger's. On any given day you can find Riley FaceTiming with her bestie Carson Jordan, driving around in a car like a bad New Yorker, and working on her chapbook tentatively titled “In This Car.”

Instagram: @billyl00mis

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