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sasha cyril

how you never change


Slap goes my body into another man's grip providing...

                   inland feelings

how do you hang a chandelier?

Where will you store me?

Before you answer though

I'm gonna tap dance on your head

and make sacred ground by sacred geometry

it seems true that those leylines of your forehead
at my sheer ridiculousness
‘You’re a gorgeous flambé’ I told you once, you began to store these.

Accents are like wiping your vocal chords and tongue on the terrain around you
fuck they’re everywhere
oh but
he was just another Nordic miserablist.

sasha cyril is a Copenhagen-based writer with bylines at The Paris Review, Playboy and Pariah Press. Her 5-Sag stellium causes drama, which she is now translating to the stage. Instagram: @sasha__cyril

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